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Annual Enhancements as Announced at this Year's User Group Meeting
  • Import Trust Transactions from Excel worksheets
  • Import Daily Income Factors from Money Market Funds
  • Export Required Minimum Distribution Letters
  • Display Pay Frequency and Last Payment Date for Creditor Balance lookup.
  • Investment Inventory changed to show as of cash position. Market pricing is now either nearest the “as of” date or nearest the “market date” if entered.
  • Improved method of handling multiple distribution codes when processing 1099-R reports.
  • Added new report listing securities by location code both in detail and summary form.
  • Added CSV export file for generating RMD letters. Added the joint and survivor tables for RMD calculation where applicable.
  • New feature to do RMD’s on the fly for prospects and existing customers. Program displays them for telephone inquiries.
  • Added new option for “fees waived” in the Trust Fee Master record. The fee calculation programs will bypass accounts that are set to waived. There is a new report on the Fee Processing screen that will list all accounts coded as waived.
  • Restored the “asset trace” feature in trust transaction entry.
  • Added the capability to handle trust asset market value fees based on a flat dollar amount as well as breakpoint percentages. Accounts can now a flat fee based on a market value breakpoint.
  • Remodeled the entire accounts payable system to speed up the process and eliminate duplicate typing of several items.
  • Added trust level price correction to repair incorrect purchases resulting from a bad price. This was formerly only available in Plan IS.
  • Remodeled the trust transaction delete program to improve speed. Add some addition change capability. Added confirmation for global delete selections.
  • Completely redesigned the trust fee correction program for much faster processing.
  • Remodeled the trust tax form program for easier usage.
  • Changed most all programs that request a market date on the screen so that when entered, a price for the date must be found. When not entered the programs will use most recent price.
  • Greatly enhanced the pattern feature of the Trust Master Record screens.
  • Added the ability to copy Strategy Trading records

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