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Annual Enhancements as Announced at this Year's User Group Meeting

  • Export Required Minimum Distribution Letters
  • Export Retirement Plan Participant Labels
  • Export IRS Form 5500 Information
  • Export IRS Forms 1099 including 1099SA and 1099Q
  • Export IRS Form 5498 and 5498-SA
  • Forfeiture account PIN has now been added as a parameter in the Trust Allocation Rules record.
  • Two sets of Plan Eligibility Rules are now supported.
  • IRS Form 5500 employee/participant counts changed for new 5500 entries. Supporting detail reports were added for the totals. Zero balance people have been omitted from the Terminated and Less than 100% Vested Report.
  • Added age weighted employer contributions to the Trust Allocation Rules and programmed the Contribution Allocation Programs to compute it.
  • Added years and months for both early and normal retirement ages in the Distribution Rules. Previously we stored only years so we could not handle 59 ½.
  • Strategy Trading records and Account Investment Records are now included in the pattern setup for a new trust account.
  • Remodeled the vesting programs. Vesting based on hours of service with historical hours will now basically just count hours in order to update vesting. The elapsed time program was changed to conform with all current regulation.
  • Redesigned eligibility codes do they can be user defined. They are now stored in a table and can be added or deleted as necessary.
  • Added the historical compensation capability to census program.
  • Changed the generic participant statement programs adding a column for “expenses” when using the transaction code map. Also modified the statement message text file to allow for blank lines in the message when multiple paragraphs are needed.
  • Added a new specific trust option to the Price Correction Report. Previously this program only worked across all trust accounts.
  • Added participant fee history display to the Participant Information Record and also a broker lookup for attaching RIA broker numbers.
  • Added new user defined distribution type code descriptions to the Benefit Payment Record and Participant Distribution screen. Users can now define their own distribution types.
  • Added new state tax table file maintenance capability and user defined selection of Federal and State W/H. Users can select if they want to withhold state taxes.
  • Redesigned the federal withholding and distribution code tables to allow them to be user defined.
  • Rebuilt the Eligibility Report and Update adding historical compensation and the ability to select a second set of eligibility rules.
  • Added a variety of new participant fee reports to help track fee assessments, payments and receivables. All are part of a new reports tab on the Participant Fee Menu.
  • Many improvements added for importing Payroll and Loan Payments.
  • Improved entry of salary with the ability to duplicate the hours field.
  • Added new menu of Plan level system wide changes like global vesting schedule and default loan interest rates.
  • Overhauled the way you Add, Change, Delete or Review a Participant’s Investment Election.
  • Participant Transaction Entry will now set up a PAN record automatically if one does not exist.
  • Made some changes to the information that is displayed on the Participant History screens.

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