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2003 TSC User Group Pictures Now Available

The 2003 User Group Meeting is now history but the memories have arrived from our newly elected "Official Photographer", Stephanie Cohick. Stephanie will soon be available for family birthdays and weddings. The User Group may not be able to afford her next year now that she is famous!

New Rental Plan, What is it?

Click on this announcement for important information about our new Rental Plan

Attention Former TrustMark Users

TSC now has conversion programs that will accept your MS Access Tables exported from TrustMark. Your Customers that are demanding immediate Web access to their account balances can have it within days after we receive your tables and you have verified the balances.

First Customer goes "LIVE" with the Internet Browser Version of Trust IS

TSC is pleased to announce that the Beta Site for our new internet browser based version of Trust IS went live November 1, 2001.  First State Bank of Middlebury has been testing our product since late summer. All Trust IS customers will now be scheduled for conversion during the first and second quarters 2002.

RPC Dain Rauscher Brokerage Interface

TSC offers a variety of interface programs for self directed plans that use Dain Rauscher brokerage services. Our interface includes the capability of processing daily Trade and periodic Position files that are downloaded from the Dain web site.

National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) Interface

Full production at Mid Ohio Securities using the NSCC product PCWeb Direct began October 1, 2001. TSC programs are in place to process daily Activity, Dividend and Position Files received from NSCC.

Welcome Delta Data DC+Plus Customers!

We are pleased to announce that TSCI (TSC) has made an agreement with Delta Data Software, Inc. (DDS) of Columbus, GA to purchase and maintain the responsibilities for their DC+Plus customers.  DC+Plus is software very similar to TSC's Plan AS product. TSC will maintain the DC+Plus product for a period of two years during which time we will take the opportunity to familiarize current customers with the Plan AS product and offer a low cost conversion to Plan AS.

It is our desire to make this transition as smooth as possible.  In keeping with that, Reed Loeffler, the person most responsible for DC+Plus software support for the past 6 years, will continue in that position.  DC+Plus customers may continue to use the 800 number. The call will come into the TSCI office and there will be an option to reach Reed's voice mail. We will make sure that your calls are responded to in a timely manner.

Trust Service Company looks forward to working with our new customers and extends a hearty welcome to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Whittle at (302) 234-0850.

If you have any questions while reviewing our website, please use our typewriter and send e-mail to helpdesk@tscigroup.com

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